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OASIS Search Engine

OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search) -- Developed by SUNY Geneseo’s Milne Library, an innovative new search tool that can access 52 different OER sources that contain more than 150,000 items.  You can limit search results by license, type, subject, source, and reviews available.  Content includes textbooks, courses and corresponding materials, interactive simulations, public domain books, audiobooks, modules, open access books, videos and podcasts.  

Open Access Resources


Using KWU databases as OER

  • Any article in our subscribed databases can be used as required reading for students, as a link posted in the LMS.
  • Always test a link on a non-university computer or over the wifi to make sure students can access the article.
  • As a backup, provide enough information so that students can navigate to the article (title of article, name of database, etc.)

EBSCO databases: Use the "permalink" provided or the URL.

Gale databases: Use the URL provided at the bottom of the full-text page.

ProQuest: Use the "Document URL" at the bottom of the full-text pages